STV Glazing per Static Drying

STV Glazing per Static Drying

Unlike conventional windows, in windows equipped with STV (Static Dry Glazing), glasses are strongly bond to the window casement. Of the bonding in the entire pane surface and window casement arises an extremely high rigidity that enables the production of window elements extremely large and obvious improvement in terms of operation. Therefore, lifting the window is harder which improves anti-theft protection.

It closes as safely as a safe.

STV Windows are easily convincing thanks to the high adjustment precision of casements and frames. This allows opening and closing them quite easily during the long winter period. The reason for this is the perfect connection between the pane dry bond and the casement profile that does not allow window casement twists even with larger elements. Even after a long period of use, STV® technology windows close with the precision of a safe.

Excellent static properties

From the bonding of the window pane and casement arises an extremely advanced stiffness enabling the integration of window elements up to 2.50 m. The combination of the STV (Static Dry Glazing) with the conventional steel reinforcement allows producing elements with dimensions which were impossible up to now and brings clear advantages in operational terms.

Greater thermal insulation

The construction of elements with standard dimension and STV® technology allows doing without steel reinforcement. This leads to an impressive improvement of Uf values (up to 0,2 W/ m2K according to the profiles combination used).