RTA-Advance Casement System

RTA-Advance Casement System

RTA-ADVANCE is a casement system with thermal break used in extruded semi-profiles joined by 34 mm polyamide bars with glass fibre which grant maximized thermal and soundproof insulation properties.

This system has 82 mm and 92 mm fixed frames and mobile frames of 89.7 mm which allow applying straight and rounded beads with maximum filling of 66.7 mm of internal or external opening. Frames are united by means of 2 clamping brackets, 1 at the internal semi-profile and the other at the external semi-profile which grant them high mechanical resistance.

The fact that it has a European chamber allows a vast range of accessories to be applied and therefore very different solutions can be obtained. Seals, the central seal, and the lower and external casement and the glass supporting items are in EPDM which grant optimal airtight, thermal and sound performances.

RTA-ADVANCE’s portfolio includes straight lines profiles aimed at modern architecture and rounded lines profiles for the more traditional architecture.

The positive results obtained at the typical initial tests, the vast portfolio of profiles and accessories, as well as the different possibilities of treatment make RTA-ADVANCE the ideal frame system for wide openings, avoiding high energy losses and offering good soundproof insulation. Despite the fact that this system is aimed at detached houses, it can also be applied to all types of buildings in which good thermal and soundproof classifications are desired.

The RTA-ADVANCE casement system meets EC marking standards (NP-EN 14351-1:2006). To verify the said compliance, it was submitted to typical initial tests at a certified laboratory, ENSATEC.