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GEALAN Sliding Window

Attract light in the darkness with the GEALAN sliding window.

More light – more air and ventilation – more space.

This system is also valid for sliding windows. In this case, window leaves are never in the middle of the room and can slide to the side without problems, even with big windows elements.

Based on the 74 mm construction depth, we developed for the market a totally new sliding system. It comprises 2 leaves for sliding window and door and an innovating mark as well as additional multiple profiles with guide rail and leaf coating with integrated function, 24 mm plinth and several reinforcements. In the new sliding system the full adaptability with the existing 74 mm deep construction systems is ensured thanks to the same geometry of the frame base. This allows direct coupling.


S 8000 IQ Profile System

During the development of the S 8000 IQ System, special attention was given to the profile stability. Therefore, the main chamber dimensioning is appropriate for incorporating a steel reinforcement. The result is a very high resistance of the standard reinforcement to bending which in its turn benefits the profile stability. Therefore, bigger elements are not needed and the window construction company can meet the specific demand for large windows.

The aesthetic level of each window is equivalent to the corresponding profile system. Therefore, we designed our S 8000 IQ system to meet all expectations in terms of visual field: large beams, different retaining strips for glass and smooth and shining surfaces. The S 8000 IQ system represents aesthetic and quality – for windows with timeless style and elegance. But this is not enough. Alternatively, there is a second design in which the semi-graduated window casement is characterized by its special format.



Acrylcolor – Flexibility for PVC coloured windows

The facades design is highlighted by the windows coloured profiles. Houses become more attractive as a customized visit card. Sometimes extravagant specifications on design or typically regional color nuances are no obstacle. If our windows have colours, there will be many to choose from. The correct tone for each atmosphere. From the pure white to the slate gray, all colours are available. Resistance to colour loss and approved by RAL certification.

Coextrusion – The innovating colouring process

Quality is also one of the major priorities in GEALAN coloured PVC windows. For that reason, our acrycolor coloured profiles are manufactured according to a special colouring process. The PVC structural basis and the coloured acrylic glass are interconnected in an inseparable way. The building interior acrycolor windows have a white PVC profile and outside they have a coloured acrylic coating. If that is your wish, a decorative adhesive film can be applied to the interior.

Extremely resistant – Acrycolor windows Advantages

The exterior layer in coloured acrylic glass is highly resistant to scratches and extremely resistant to climate influences such as sun, wind, rain, cold and temperature variations. The satiny smooth and non-porous surface is impenetrable to dust and dirt. There is no peeling, cracks and no need to repaint. Therefore, Acrycolor windows need almost no maintenance and are very easy to clean.


IKD – Intensive Core insulation

Windows with much to offer

IKD – Intensive Core insulation

In times where raw materials and energy prices are increasing, modern windows help drastically lowering heat costs. Builders and Restorers can easily face price increases in heating fuel and gas. And this because IKD® Intensive Core insulation is a step towards optimizing the windows thermal insulating properties. They can, as of now, meet the state requirements in terms of thermal protection.


STV Glazing per Static Drying

Unlike conventional windows, in windows equipped with STV (Static Dry Glazing), glasses are strongly bond to the window casement. Of the bonding in the entire pane surface and window casement arises an extremely high rigidity that enables the production of window elements extremely large and obvious improvement in terms of operation. Therefore, lifting the window is harder which improves anti-theft protection.

It closes as safely as a safe.

STV Windows are easily convincing thanks to the high adjustment precision of casements and frames. This allows opening and closing them quite easily during the long winter period. The reason for this is the perfect connection between the pane dry bond and the casement profile that does not allow window casement twists even with larger elements. Even after a long period of use, STV® technology windows close with the precision of a safe.

Excellent static properties

From the bonding of the window pane and casement arises an extremely advanced stiffness enabling the integration of window elements up to 2.50 m. The combination of the STV (Static Dry Glazing) with the conventional steel reinforcement allows producing elements with dimensions which were impossible up to now and brings clear advantages in operational terms.

Greater thermal insulation

The construction of elements with standard dimension and STV® technology allows doing without steel reinforcement. This leads to an impressive improvement of Uf values (up to 0,2 W/ m2K according to the profiles combination used).


Euro-Design 70 windows

Live with style and comfort

EURO-DESIGN 70 windows give a touch of design to your home

Save energy sustainably

Efficient windows that protect the environment

Eliminates noises

Transform your house in an oasis of calm and tranquillity

Euro-Design 70 windows allow unobstructed outdoor view but give soundproof insulation, energy saving and burglary prevention. These features combines with exclusive designs make windows that meet your style.


Euro-Design Slide

Euro-Design Slide is a sliding windows and doors system in PVC that allows fast and simple installation with a minimum of maintenance, high levels of thermal and soundproof insulation and endless customization possibilities.o.

Energy saving

Euro-Design Slide allows maximum energy saving and excellent thermal insulation. The result is high comfort level and optimal energy efficiency.

Sound insulation

Euro-Design Slide was designed to hamper sound transmission from outside and give your home its tranquillity back.

Burglary prevention

The Euro-Design Slide system offers multiple solutions to obtain the maximum security against burglary attempts and so that you feel more protected.

Maximum glass surface

Euro-Design Slide allows installing major glass surfaces, with natural light gains to enjoy attractive places and a greater sensation of space without wasting energy.

Easy, practical and elegant

With Euro-Design Slide, you will gain space and comfort thanks to its slide opening system that ensures an easy and smooth sliding.

Protection against the environment

Windows have a good thermal insulation that minimizes energy consumption and reduces CO2 emission to the atmosphere,


Care and Maintenance

REHAU profiles windows are reliable and  of proven quality and have the following exclusive features:

  • Attractive design and colour
  • Easy to clean and maintain thanks to smooth and quality surfaces
  • High resistance to environmental elements
  • Long lifespan: maintain their value throughout times
  • Soundproof insulation as requirements
  • Thermal insulation as requirements
  • Different level anti-burglary hardware
Maximum flexibility

Each REHAU window profile corresponds to a specific supplements program

Contact your trusted supplier to request information on:

  • Entrance doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Blinds and  shutters
  • Winter gardens

Mounting Sliding Door

Lifetime quality
  • BRILLIANT-DESIGN large Lift sliding doors combine design with energy saving and quality and are a sure and lasting bet for your home.
More space and  light
  • Requires a small opening space while gaining in space for furniture
  • You will make the best of natural light and gain amplitude and comfort
Lifetime quality
  • Produced with material developed by REHAU: RAU-PVC
  • Extraordinarily resistant to storms and easy to maintain
  • Contributes to preserving and increasing your home’s value
Design and creativity
  • Allows current and innovating designs with elements up to 10 meters wide
  • You can choose among more than 50 colours and different surface finishes
  • Combines with all architectonic styles
More than one slide opening
  • Better thermal and soundproof insulation values when compared to normal sliding doors thanks to the sealing type. Easy and light sliding