Acrylcolor – Flexibility for PVC coloured windows

The facades design is highlighted by the windows coloured profiles. Houses become more attractive as a customized visit card. Sometimes extravagant specifications on design or typically regional color nuances are no obstacle. If our windows have colours, there will be many to choose from. The correct tone for each atmosphere. From the pure white to the slate gray, all colours are available. Resistance to colour loss and approved by RAL certification.

Coextrusion – The innovating colouring process

Quality is also one of the major priorities in GEALAN coloured PVC windows. For that reason, our acrycolor coloured profiles are manufactured according to a special colouring process. The PVC structural basis and the coloured acrylic glass are interconnected in an inseparable way. The building interior acrycolor windows have a white PVC profile and outside they have a coloured acrylic coating. If that is your wish, a decorative adhesive film can be applied to the interior.

Extremely resistant – Acrycolor windows Advantages

The exterior layer in coloured acrylic glass is highly resistant to scratches and extremely resistant to climate influences such as sun, wind, rain, cold and temperature variations. The satiny smooth and non-porous surface is impenetrable to dust and dirt. There is no peeling, cracks and no need to repaint. Therefore, Acrycolor windows need almost no maintenance and are very easy to clean.